Executing Shell Commands When OS Level Access Is not Available

has some capabilities and activities that can only be performed with OS level access, either through direct shell access or through a shared folder, for example execution of mzsh commands or handling of External References property files.

Using the APL Shell Script Execution Function ScriptExec can address most needs for shell commands that normally would require OS access. 

The ScriptExec function is executed as a part of the normal workflow execution principles so it can be used by any user who has be granted permissions to design workflow logic and execute workflows.

This is done in 3 steps:

  1. Create the script that contains the command and its parameters. The script must match any required dependencies in the filesystem.
  2. Create a workflow that uses the ScriptExec function to call the script, run it, and capture the execution events.
  3. Execute the workflow and analyse the debug output for any errors.

When successful, the command is executed in the same way as when regular shell command is been used. Any errors and information about the execution are shown in the workflow debug events.