This describes the Command Line Tool mzsh. The Command Line Tool is a standard user interface for the Platform.

The Command Line Tool mzsh is a shell that can be used both as a system administration tool or as a Platform client tool. Depending on whether the Platform is running or not, or if you are logged in or not, mzsh enables you to access different parts of the system.


 To start an application, or to activate a workflow, you must have  Execute  permissions for the application and configuration, see Access Controller for more information.

Some commands require that the user is the MZ_HOME owner. This information will be found together with the respective commands presented later on in this user guide.


Make sure that the firewall is correctly configured as some commands require communication between the Execution Contexts and the Platform. For information about communication through firewalls, see the System Administrator's Guide.

mzsh currently supports the following commands: