Starting mzsh

mzsh is used non-interactively. 


In non-interactive mode, the command and its arguments are typed in the same invoking command line, in the Unix command prompt.

$ mzsh mzadmin/<password> wfstart MyWF

Enter username and password, in a single parameter together with the preferred command. When the command is executed, the command prompt is returned to the Unix shell.

mzsh can also read commands from the standard input. This means that commands that are meant to be executed can be included in a script file or simply let other commands produce the commands for it, see the following example.

Example - Non-interactive mode

$ while read wf ; do 
echo wfstart $wf
done < my-wfs.list | mzsh mzadmin/<password>

The command in the example reads the names of the workflows included in the file my-wfs.list and generates start commands for each of them. The output of this action is then fed from standard input to mzsh.

To execute a command in a specific configuration space in non-interactive mode, you can specify the space name in the command line:

$ mzsh mzadmin/<password> @<name of space> <command>

For further information about managing configuration spaces, see the Configuration Spaces documentation.