UDR Views

Open the UDR View configuration by clicking the UDR View button in the UDR File Editor. See UDR File Editor for more information. The UDR View opens up in a new tab in your browser. In the UDR View configuration you can define how UDR data is listed and presented in the UDR File Editor and the Aggregation Session Inspector.

UDR File Editor with no UDR View applied

To create a UDR View configuration:

  1. In the UDR View configuration, click Browse... to open the UDR Internal Format Browser dialog. Select the UDR type you want to create a view for and click OK.

  2. Click the Add button to open another view of the UDR Internal Format Browser dialog.

  3. Select the field in the selected UDR you want to add to the view, click Apply and repeat for all fields you want to add.

  4. Click OK or Cancel to close the dialog.

  5. You can now rearrange the order of the fields by selecting them and clicking the Up and Down buttons.

  6. When your view is finished, click Save As to save your UDR View.

In the UDR File Editor you can now select the saved UDR View to display the configured fields as columns in the order you have specified.

UDR File Editor with a UDR View

A UDR View does not have to be applicable to all UDR types within a displayed file. If a field does not exist for a particular UDR, no such field is displayed.