Ultra Format Configuration

The Ultra Format configuration introduces format definitions in the system to be used by agents in workflows. Use the Ultra Format Definition Language (UFDL) to describe format definitions.

Apart from selecting Decoder, Encoder, and UDR Type definitions, formats can be imported from APL code, as well as directly from other Ultra definitions:

import ultra.folder_name.module_name; // From APL code

import folder_name.module_name; // From UFDL code

To open an Ultra Format configuration, click  Build → New Configuration. Select  Ultra Format in the Configurations dialog. 

Ultra Format Editor

The configuration contains the standard configuration buttons as described in Common Configuration Buttons.

Syntax Highlighting

In the code area, the different parts of the code are color coded according to type, for easier identification, and when right-clicking in the code area, a context sensitive popup menu appears, enabling easy access to the most common actions you may want to perform.

The text is color-coded according to the following definitions:

Blue - Functions

Green - Types

Orange - Comments

Purple - Keywords

Yellow/Green - Values

Ultra Format Buttons

The buttons available in the Ultra Format configuration are the general ones as described in Common Configuration Buttons.

Configuration Diff

If you want to compare the current version of an Ultra configuration with a previous version of the same configuration, you can use Configuration Diff to compare the two versions side by side. However, this tool is only available in Legacy Desktop. See Configuration Diff for more information.