User Management

In User Management, the members currently connected to the account are listed. The list shows the email address of each member and the permission type assigned to them. The member's name is also displayed if they have entered their first and last names in the Profile Settings of their respective accounts.

To add a member to an account, click the Add Member button, and enter the person's email address and the permission type that you want the member to have. Click the drop-down list to select Admin, User, or Guest. By default, the User permission type is selected. You can add several members at the same time if they need to have the same permission type.


To be added as a Member, the user must already have login credentials for Usage Engine.

If you want to modify the permission type of an existing member, the user must be removed as a member and added again with the appropriate permission type. A member cannot have more than one role within the same account.

To remove a member from an account, click Remove on the row for that member. 


When a member is removed from an account, they do not receive any notification or email to inform them.