User Activity

User Activity provides an overview of the activity on an account. Each row represents an action performed by a member in that account. 

The following details are provided:



TimestampThe record of the time of occurrence of a particular action performed by the user.
NameThe name and email address of the member who performed the action. The name is displayed only if the first and last names in their Profile Settings are populated.

In what area of Cloud Edition the action was performed, the locations are account, deployment, stream, and user.


In most locations of Cloud Edition, the following actions are applicable:

  • create - The member has created an item in that location
  • delete - The member has deleted an item from that location
  • get - The member has read or accessed that location
  • update - The member has made a change in that location
RefreshThe option to refresh the User Activity details.

You can use the Search box to search for a specific action. You can sort the entries by clicking the Timestamp column. You can also filter entries by specifying a date range using the calendar, or selecting a time period from the Period drop-down list