Streams using HTTP Server and HTTP Client functions

This tutorial provides you with a step-by-step guide to create and run a simple stream using HTTP Server that listens to the incoming requests sent by the HTTP Client.

The tutorial will take you through two parts:

  1. Creating a simple stream using HTTP Server where the server will keep on listening to the HTTP request and send the body of the request as a response to the HTTP Client. To create this stream, you will require:
    • HTTP Server collector and forwarder - to receive the request sent by the HTTP Client and send the response.
    • Script function - to process the HTTP request.
  2. Creating another stream using HTTP Client processor that will communicate with the HTTP Server and sends the HTTP request to the HTTP Server for the number of times configured in the Count function. To create this stream, you will require:
    • A count function - to configure the number of times you want the HTTP Client to forward a request.
    • HTTP Client processor - to use the HTTP Server URL generated in the first stream and generate the HTTP request using a selected request method.


Knowledge of JavaScript and HTTP request method(s) are a prerequisite.