EC Deployments

The EC Deployments (or ECD) concept is the Kubernetes native extension of the well-established Usage Engine Execution Context (EC) concept. An EC is a worker process, designed to execute business logic in a distributed and scalable way. Adding the 'D' to the 'EC' gives us: 

  • The ability to instantiate ECs fully automatic through API or UI 
  • The ability to scale ECs fully automatically and apply that to batch and real-time contexts 
  • Location transparency - no manual editing of IP addresses 
  • The ability to manage the EC and associated real-time workflows as a single scalable unit 
  • The full control of networking for real-time solutions including location transparency, service discovery, load balancing, public and private interface routing 
  • Control and quota control of resources like storage, memory, and CPU 

The ECD is implemented by extending the Kubernetes API using custom resources and backing that with the Kubernetes operator pattern to integrate it with the orchestrator as well as with Usage Engine. 

In short, the ECD is your micro service. By adding business logic in the form of workflows to an ECD and integrate it in a CI/CD build pipeline, you have created a micro service and can start taking benefit from all the powerful characteristics of the cloud native micro service paradigm.