Orchestrated Container Architecture with Kubernetes

Usage Engine Private Edition has been designed with Kubernetes based container deployment as the primary deployment environment. A lot of effort is put into making the application take advantage of powerful Kubernetes features such as: 

  • Self-healing and monitoring 
  • Auto scaling 
  • Networking and hooking into cloud environment load balancers 
  • Management of packages, certificates, persistence, and other resources 
  • Automatic zero downtime upgrades 
  • Location transparency and DNS based service discovery 
  • Optional interaction into powerful tools like: 
    • Istio for service mesh architecture with traffic control and visualization using Kiali 
    • Prometheus for automatic metrics-based monitoring and visualization using Grafana 
    • Fluentd, Elasticsearch and Kibana for log collection and visualization 
    • cert-manager for automatic certificate management 

By using the Operator pattern to seamlessly integrate application specific functionality with Kubernetes orchestration functionality and extending that to modern Web UIs, we enable a smooth journey from business logic design into production ready deployment.