Dynamic API Driven Architecture

By enabling an API driven way of operating the system we achieve a separation of the development phase from the operational phase. This split is especially important for several reasons: 

  • The people designing the workflow logic are usually not the same people as the ones operating the system. Thus, they should also have different interfaces to work with. 
  • It is crucial that the business logic can be tested thoroughly in a test environment before deploying it to pre-production or production environments. 
  • It must be easy to move a solution between different environments in a reliable way, without environment specific information affecting the move.

Usage Engine has been architected to scale and manage assets like workflows and profiles in an operational phase, without touching business logic or design. 

With this separation between development and operations in place it is possible to add operational APIs to automate the control and operation of the solution in the target environment. Usage Engine provides powerful operational APIs to control the following: 

  • Workflow creation and management 
  • Scheduling of batch workflows 
  • Global parameter control ("external references") 
  • User management 
  • Worker process (EC) management and scaling 
  • Monitoring of metrics and health