ECS Statistics(3.0)

 The ECS Statistics gathers the current number of new and reprocessed UDRs and batches per error code in ECS. The Error Correction System Statistics window allows inspection of these calculated values, as well as more specific views as the data may be inspected down to Error Code level. The data may also be exported and printed.


The ECS Statistics data is gathered and calculated with a system task called ECS_Maintenance, see ECS Maintenance System Task(3.0) for more information. If you want to change the scheduling of the task, this is changed in the configuration for ECS_Maintenance_grp.

When the ECS_Maintenance system task is scheduled to be executed with a time interval of less than an hour, the statistical data will be gathered every hour.

Initially the Error Correction System Statistics dialog is empty. It is populated by performing a search.

SearchShows the Search ECS Statistics dialog. For further information, see the section below, Searching the ECS Statistics.
ExportShows the Export dialog, allowing the statistics to be exported.
PrintShows the Print dialog, allowing the statistics to be printed.

Searching the ECS Statistics

To populate the ECS Statistics window, select Search... from the Edit menu and specify the search criteria. Limitations to the search are used to find data of interest.

If no limitations are entered in the search dialog, a basic search is performed. For further information, see the section below, Basic Search.


Data Type

Will determine if the search will be made for Batches or UDRs.

Error Code

A list of available Error Codes, as defined in ECS. To search for several Error Codes the Add button may be selected to append further fields.


Refines the search by setting a time period when the data was entered into ECS.


Only 100 000 entries at a time can be browsed. If the search results in more than 100 000 entries, bulk operations must be repeated for each multiple of 100 000.

Basic Search

If no limitations are entered in the search dialog, the basic search table is shown.

When selecting one row in the table, the spread of Error Codes is displayed in a pie chart. If up to four Error Code types for that date are named, these will all be shown the graph. If five or more Error Code types are present, the three most common Error Code types will be shown, and the rest will be grouped in the category "Other".



The date and time when the values were calculated.


The amount of new errors current in ECS on the given date.


The amount of reprocessed errors current in ECS on the given date.

Value Type

Select between New or Reprocessed to display the graphical statistics for either types.

Error Code Search

If a specific Error Code search is done, three new columns related to the Error Codes will be added to the table.


Error Code

This column is only visible when the search is made on Error Codes.


The last time the error occurred.


The first time the error occurred.

Error Code Report

One line in the graph shows the number of UDRs attached with the selected Error Code.