This section describes the SMPP Receiver and Transmitter agents. These are collection and forwarding agents for real-time workflow configurations. The SMPP Transmitter agent is listed among the processing agents while the SMPP Receiver agent is listed among the collection agents.


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SMPP Protocol

The Short Message Peer to Peer (SMPP) protocol is an open, industry standard protocol. It is designed to provide a flexible data communications interface for transfer of short message data between a Short Message Service Center (SMSC) or other type of Message center, and an SMS application system.

SMPP Session Description

An SMPP session between an SMSC and an ESME (External Short Message Entity) is initiated by the ESME first establishing a network connection with the SMSC and then issuing an SMPP Bind request to open an SMPP session. An ESME wishing to submit and receive messages is required to establish two network connections and two SMPP sessions (Transmitter and Receiver). During an SMPP session, an ESME may issue a series of requests to an SMSC and shall receive the appropriate responses to each request, from the SMSC. Likewise, the SMSC may issue SMPP requests to the ESME, which must respond accordingly.

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