User Management(3.0)

The User Management web interface provides an alternative way to configure user accounts similar to the Access Controller in desktop. To be able to access the User Management, you must have the Execute permission configured in the Access Controller(3.0).

To open the User Management, click on the icon on the left panel. The default view for the User Management dashboard will be the user list.


User Management Dashboard - Searching for "user"

Each user is displayed as a user card in the list. You will be able to also search for a specific user by entering the user name in the Search user field or use the Filter by dropdown list to search for specific Access Group, and enable or disable a user by swiping the smart-switch button for each user in the dashboard.


Users with Execute and Write permission configured in the Access Controller can search, create new, edit and delete users. 

Users with Execute permission can only search and view. All fields and buttons are disabled. 

For "mzadmin" and "mzk8soperator" system users, you are not allowed to disable them. The smart-switch button is disabled.


User Management Dashboard - User with Execute only permission

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