Workflow Web Interface(3.0)

The Workflow web interface will be where you find the tools that allow you to create and manage workflows. You can also then start and monitor your workflows.

Workflow Template Overview

The Workflow Template Overview allows you to view a list of all the Workflows that you have configured using the  desktop. From this list, you can select the Workflow that you want to explore in detail.

You can also filter out specific Workflows from the search bar available to you.

You can also refresh the list with the Refresh button whenever a new workflow is saved on the  desktop.

You will be able to sort the list by Template Name, Package Name and Workflow Count.

Upon clicking on a Workflow, you will be brought to the workflow viewer, where you will then be able to add workflows . You can refer to Workflow Template on the Web Interface(3.0) for more information about what you can do with the workflow viewer.