EC Deployment Web Interface(3.0)

The EC Deployment web interface allows you to set up and manage EC Deployments in . For an overview of what EC Deployment is, you can read up on more information at Execution Context Deployments (ECDs) (3.0).

EC Deployment overview web interface

Each EC Deployment will be shown as an individual card in the overview page. Each of these cards will display the EC Deployment name, Creation Timestamp, EC Status, Workflow Status, Groups as well as options that will allow you to Start, Stop, Edit or Delete the EC Deployment. Clicking on the card will bring you to the selected deployment's status page.


Only Real-Time workflow statuses will be displayed by the Workflow Status on the EC Deployment card. 

An example of an EC Deployment card


Please allow for a few minutes for the EC Deployment to start or stop. The status of the EC Deployment will be reflected from the EC Deployment card as shown from the images below.

You can sort the EC Deployments using Name, EC Count, Warning Count or Workflow Count. Sorting by Name will have the list of EC Deployments be sorted by the EC Deployment name in ascending order. Sorting by EC Count or Workflow Count will be in descending order, where the EC Deployment with the highest number of ECs or Workflows will be displayed at the very top of the list. Sorting by Warning Count will display the EC Deployment with the most errors received at the very top of the list.

Removing an EC Deployment

Clicking on the   will remove the entire EC Deployment and all properties and arguments associated with it, along with your workflows, workflow groups and scheduled configuration that you have defined in your EC Deployment. Be absolutely sure that this is your intended action before going ahead with it as any deleted EC deployment will be lost forever.

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