Alarm and Event Handling

Alarm management in the MediationZone Platform is designed with plug-and-play to state-of-the-art alarm handling systems in mind, but it also contains basic internal alarm handling. Alarms can be divided into two categories:

Event/message based

Event based alarms are handled via an internal event broker, the Event Notification configuration. It catches, filters, formats, and dispatches events to different targets. Examples of external targets are SNMP Traps and Alarms, database tables, and Azure Application Insight.

Metric based

Metric based alarms are handled indirectly via integration to Prometheus, which can be configured to regularly scrape MediationZone for time series data. These can then be used in Prometheus as input data to alarm configurations. The MediationZone time series data is available as automatically populated out-of-the-box MIMs, customized MIMs, and customized fully dynamical PrometheusUDRs.  

Alarm and event handling.

The internal alarm management module has basic functionality, like enabling and disabling of conditional alarms of a specific set of types.