Duplicate Detection

MediationZone supports duplicate detection both on Batch and UDR level. All configurations of the Duplicate Detection function parameters are configured and editable by the administrators/operators through the user interface.

The Duplicate Batch Detection Agent allows the user to configure which parameters should be used to check for duplication. These include: the size of the batch, a checksum value calculated on the batch contents, and any data related to the batch such as a file name.

When a duplicate batch/UDR is detected it can be routed to the Error Correction System for further analysis or discarded. An alarm can also be generated and mapped to any type of action, e.g. SMS, Email, Log file, and System Log.

The Duplicate UDR Detection Agent also allows the user to configure which attributes from a UDR that should be stored and used for duplication control.

Duplicate UDR Detection configuration