MediationZone includes comprehensive functionality to provide auditing and statistical information related to workflows. This function can record audit information on a per workflow basis, or on a consolidated basis. The audit capability covers normal workflow execution as well as reconciliation of reprocessed ECS data.

Audit information can include any data available at workflows execution such as workflow name, source filename, route name, source and receiving agent names, number of bytes, UDRs or duration passed along each route in the workflows.

Record reconciliation is also possible using the audit subsystem of MediationZone. Using this mechanism, it is possible to track the history of records while they for example reside in error correction.

Example of Audit usage: an external system requires a statistical report on a daily basis from MediationZone to keep track of the traffic. To solve this, all workflows are configured to log the record count to the very same audit table. The daily summary can be calculated using, for example, an SQL Executor in the Task Manager, or by a workflow collecting, formatting and forwarding the information.