Tracing in Desktop

When a Conditional Trace template has been created, you are ready to do traces in Desktop.

To do a trace:

  1. Open the Conditional Trace view in Desktop, click Manage and then click on the  button. The Conditional Trace view opens.

    The Conditional Trace view

  2. Select which Conditional Trace template you want to use in the Template drop-down list.

  3. Enter the maximum number of traces you want to do per EC in the Max Traces Per EC field.

  4. Enter the time interval for which you want to run the trace in seconds in the Lifetime (s) field.

  5. If a parameter has been defined in the template and mapped to a matcher in the Conditional Trace template, you can enter a regular expression in the <parameter name> field to only get hits where the parameter matches the regular expression.

  6. Click on the Start button to initiate the trace.