Creating Conditional Trace Templates

In the Conditional Trace templates you can either just make generic settings for which workflow(s) to trace on, and trace everything, or you can state which UDR types and fields within the stated workflow(s) you want to trace on, as well as create parameters that you can use for configuring matchers that use these parameters to define more specific regular expressions.

To create a Conditional Trace template:

  1. Click the Build → New Configuration in the upper part of the  Desktop window, and then select Conditional Trace Template  from the screen.

    Conditional Trace Template with specific workflow stated and matchers configured

  2. Enter the following general settings:



    State the workflow(s) for which you want to apply a trace in this field. You can either state a specific workflow, or use a regular expression to match several workflows.

    Max Traces Per EC

    Enter the maximum number of traces to be performed per EC in this field.

    Sampling Factor

    If you have a high throughput and do not want view the hits for every match, you can use this setting to only view every second, or third, or fourth hit, etc. Sampling Factor 2 means only every second hit will be displayed, and Sampling Factor 5 means only every fifth hit will be displayed.

    Lifetime (s)

    Enter the automatic timeout of the trace in seconds.

    With these settings you can use the template for tracing all UDRs through all routes and agents in the stated workflow(s).

  3. If you want to use matchers, parameters or traced fields, you can make the following configurations:

  4. When you are finished with your Conditional Trace Template, click on the Save As button to open the Save As dialog.

  5. Select which folder you want to store the configuration in, or create a new one.

  6. Enter a name for your Conditional Trace Template in the Name field and click OK.


 It is recommended that you test the Conditional Trace template in a test environment first so that you can assess the performance impact that your trace filter(s) may have on your production setup.