Conditional Trace Access Permissions

There are two different permission levels for Conditional Trace; Conditional Trace Template, which allows you to create and edit Conditional Trace templates in Legacy Desktop, and Conditional Trace, which allows you to use the created templates to do traces in Desktop.

To set Conditional Trace access permissions, go to the Legacy Desktop, click on the Tools button, select Access Controller, and go to the Access Groups tab.

Access permissions for user who can use existing Conditional Trace filters in Desktop

Permission settings

  • Members of the default Administrator access group are configured to manage Conditional Trace templates and filters by default.
  • To enable other users to manage templates and filters, they must be granted Execute rights for the applications Conditional Trace and Conditional Trace Template.
  • To enable users to manage filters only, they must be granted Execute rights for the application Conditional Trace
  • Write permissions are not required to be set.