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Note that some of the features described in this documentation might not have been purchased by your company and will therefore not be available in your environment.

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Usage Engine is a next-generation product to process billing data, built using the latest technological advancements, and is continuously developed to meet the demands of different industries. It offers:

  • Total flexibility with the ability to collect data of any type, from any location

  • Customer-centric intelligence to correlate and aggregate data, and bind it to a specific customer in real-time

  • 100% accuracy with no data loss

  • Scalability to meet the requirements of both small and large businesses in any industry

Usage Engine collects records from IT and network assets using a variety of file transfer protocols, message queues, and RESTful APIs. 

Examples of records include:

  • Service usage

  • Purchase orders

  • Reservations

The collected data is processed in user-configured streams for: 

  • Deduplication

  • Validation

  • Filtering

  • Aggregation and correlation

  • Splitting and merging

  • Recording data statistics

As a user of Usage Engine, you can build and operate streams using a flow-based graphical user interface. Add parameterized or code-enabled functions to your streams to collect, process, and forward data as required by your solutions.

In the DigitalRoute Status page, you can see the current operation status of Usage Engine Cloud Edition including information about incidents, outages, and other important information.

During the latest quarter, we have released the following new capabilities: Usage Metering Usage Metering enables business models where customers are charged based on the usage of a product or service. It helps companies launch and optimize usage-based billing by providing accurate and detailed usage summary records to the billing system.…
During the last quarter, we have released the following new capabilities and enhancements in Usage Engine Cloud Edition: New Capabilities Single Sign-On In January we introduced Single Sign-On (SSO) for Usage Engine Cloud Edition users. Usage Engine supports the federation of your Identity Provider, allowing you to centrally manage the identity of Usage Engine users, which is done by configuring Usage Engine to establish a trust relationship with your Identity Provider.…
During the latest quarter, we have released new capabilities and substantial enhancements in these areas: The Zuora Usage File Forwarder With the Zuora Usage File forwarder, you can send usage records as file(s) to the Zuora billing system. In addition, Active Rating is supported, which is useful for Zuora users who already have this feature enabled.…
During the last quarter, we have released two major features: Data Correction - Elevating Data Accuracy and Reliability We are thrilled to announce the release of the enhanced Data Correction. Data Correction helps businesses to identify and isolate data with quality issues and provides the possibility to correct them to reprocess them successfully.  By introducing this feature in Usage Engine Cloud Edition,…
During the last quarter, a lot of new exciting features and functionality have been released in Usage Engine Cloud Edition: Boost Your Performance: Parallelize Record Processing with Stream Replicas In today's data-driven world, efficient processing of large volumes of records is crucial for businesses to maintain a competitive edge. By implementing Stream Replicas, you can boost your record processing capabilities significantly, reducing the time it takes to handle your data,…