Usage Audit

Audit generates basic information about a transaction once it completed successfully. The usage-based audit is the process of acquiring information about transaction records based on collected analytics data. It can be accessed by navigating to the Usage Audit tab in the main Audit view.

There are several options that can be used to filter the information. The data can be reloaded by clicking on the Refresh icon on the right side. 

Date and time selection can be done by clicking on the blue calendar button – this will open a popup window from where the start and end date and time can be selected. The popup window is divided into two sections — the first is used to select the start and end dates, while the second sets the time period. 

The data shown in this menu will be shown in a table-like manner, organized in different fields. Next to every column, there is the option to sort (Ascending or Descending) and search. These interactive options can be used to gain a detailed understanding of given values: 

  • Sort – By clicking on the Sort icon next to a given field all data in it will be sorted in an ascending manner. The sorted fields can be distinguished by the blue arrow icon. By clicking on it again the data will be reverted back in a descending manner. The icon indicator will have the upper arrow highlighted in color.
  • Search – This Function allows to search for a given value or character inside the fields. Upon clicking on the search icon a popup window will appear underneath the selected field. The input field is used to enter the desired value. To query the value click on Search or press the Enter button on the keyboard. Users can Reset the displayed selection by clicking on the button. 

This audit display organizes the data according to the following columns: 

ExecutionShows the stream ID
Transaction Start TimeIndicates the start date and time of the audit capture
Transaction End TimeIndicates the end date and time of the audit capture


Indicates filenames of the incoming records
OriginShows the source of the records
Total InputShows the total number of input records in the stream
Total Output

Shows the total number of output records in the stream

DuplicatedShows the number of results that have been duplicated, according to the Deduplicate Function
RejectedShows the number of invalid records, according to the Validation Function

Custom Audit

Custom Audit provides deeper business insights. To enable Custom Audit, use the audit-specific statements in the Script Function. Configuration is done in the node. If any custom columns are added, they will be distinguished by a border and light blue coloring.