Detail View

The Detail view displays the full content of the invalid records, highlighting the erroneous fields for easy identification. The records displayed on this page are filtered according to the filter settings applied on the Summary view.

To open this view: 

  1. Click on the Data Correction tab.
  2. Click on the either arrow sign in front of the error or on a row in the Data Correction Table.

    Data Correction - View link

  3. Click the View link under the Actions column.

    Detail view

Action Toolbar

The following actions are available in the Action Toolbar:

Action ButtonsDescription

Click the View or Edit button to change the view mode.

By default, all records appear in View mode, which is read-only. Click on the Edit button to edit the record. You cannot edit or delete records queued for reprocessing, so they do not appear in the Edit mode.

Guest users can access the records in View mode only. See Admin to know more about Guest users.

Click the Filter button to specify filter criteria; name of the field, data type of the field (String, Number, or Boolean), and value of the field. You can apply filters to any table column to search for a specific group of records that share the same correction.

  • Click to add one or more filter to the Filter panel. When adding filters, only records that match all of the filters listed will be displayed. If the record does not match any one of the filters, it will not be displayed.
  • Once you save a filter, you will see the Clear Filter option. Click Clear Filter to remove the current filter and display the full result. 
Click the Refresh data button to refresh the displayed data.

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