Git Support for Developers

Use Case Development can be done on one or several Usage Instances instances (“Development Environments”). As a Development Environment has a very basic internal versioning application and is typically accessible to several developers for development and test, it is recommended to use an external tool for source code management. Usage Engine has a Git support feature available in the Export and Import UIs. The remote Git repository must be accessible using an HTTP/HTTPS URL and a Token.



During use case development, a developer opens and saves configuration. These actions are performed against the internal versioning system, i.e. configuration present in the Development Environment.

The Git support feature enables a developer to export configuration to and import configuration from an existing Git Repository. Way of working:

  1. The first step is to Save a File System Profile of type Git. This will create a clone of the Git Repository on the local file system.

  2. Update this local copy using import, refresh, or export actions while developing.

  3. Finally, when finished with development, update the Git Repository. This will sync the local Repository to the Git Repository, and may need resolving of merge conflicts.