Notifications and Alerts

In Usage Engine you can get notifications by configuration Event Notifications and alerts by using the Prometheus Alert Manager.

Event Notifications  

Usage Engine includes an internal event broker, which is configured using the Event Notificationfeature. An Event Notification configuration is used to intercept standard, as well as user-defined, events. This information can subsequently be dispatched to any number of target applications. 

The Event Notification configuration acts as a filter that collects and streams events to any of the following target systems: 

  • Log file 
  • Database 
  • E-mail 
  • SNMP Trap receivers 
  • Usage Engine System Log 

Event Notification Configuration 

Alarms and Alerts 

Since Prometheus is the central integration point for metrics it is straight forward to also implement alert functionality here using the Prometheus Alert Manager. See for details. 

Usage Engine does however also include off-the-shelf capability to proactively monitor many different parts of the system and raise stateful alarms if a configured condition is detected. Alarms can be managed in the operator’s UI or be sent to any external source such as a network management system using protocols such as SNMP traps, or e-mail. 

An Alarm Detection configuration is used to define the criteria that should result in the generation of alarms; such as workflow status change conditions, user or system status activity etc. 

Combinations of multiple alarm conditions can be defined as triggers for an alarm. 

Alarm Detection Configuration