Conditional Trace makes it possible to examine records being processed in running workflows, making it a very powerful tool for troubleshooting in production environments. The main advantage is that there is no need to restart the workflows - you can at any time configure search criteria and turn on tracing for a workflow or set of workflows. Conditional Trace utilizes Open Telemetry Jaeger Exporter. For an optimal user experience the traces are examined using Jaeger, but you can also view them directly in the Operations UI, or export as files in JSON format. The configuration is a three-step procedure: 

  • Defining a Trace Template:
    Templates are configured in the Desktop and define which workflows they apply to, including the search criteria. To avoid getting too much data, templates also contain configuration to limit search results. 
  • Starting a Trace:
    Traces are started from the Operations UI. A user selects an existing template and sets the values for the required field/fields.
  • Examining a Trace:
    Trace output records can be examined directly in the Operations GUI, exported in JSON format as txt files, or – for optimal usability – in Jaeger. 

Conditional Trace Concept