Restricted Field(3.0)

Restricted Field allows users to prevent certain fields from being repaired from the web interface and the task agent.Only admins to Data Veracity will be able to manage the restricted fields entries. Fields that have been restricted will not be available for selection when setting the repair rules.  

The Restricted Field web interface is where restricted field entries could be viewed or removed. It is accessed by selecting on the Restricted Field option in the Data Veracity web interface Dashboard.

Adding New Restricted Fields

By selecting the New button, a user can add one or more fields to be restricted. A message will prompt where the Data Veracity profile could be selected, followed by the target UDR. The user will then have the choice to select all the fields in the UDR, some of the fields or only one field from the UDR to be restricted. On clicking the Save Restricted Fields button, an entry will appear on the Restricted Field dashboard.

Only one entry per UDR type can be created at any one time.

Editing a Restricted Field

Restricted field entries can be edited when there are new fields to be added into the restriction list.

To edit a restricted field, you can select one entry and then click on the Edit button.

You will be prompted with a pop up where you can add more restricted fields or remove already restricted fields from the entry. When you click Save Restricted Fields, the selected entry will be updated.

Deleting a Restricted Field Entry

Restricted Field entries can only be deleted from the Restricted Field web interface. Deleting a restricted field entry here will remove it completely from Data Veracity.

To delete a restricted field, you can select one or many entries at once and then click on the Delete button.

You will be prompted with a message asking if you would want to delete the selected entries. If you click OK, the selected entries will be deleted