Web Service(3.0)

This section describes the Web Service agents and profile. Web Service is a software system that supports interaction between computers over a network. The agents are collection and processing agents for real-time workflow configurations. 

The  Web Service agents communicate through SOAP in XML syntax, and use WSDL files.

The Web Service agents support:

  • Web Service Interoperability Organization Basic Profile 1.1

  • WSDL 1.1

  • XML 1.0

  • SOAP 1.1

  • Partial support of Web Service Security 1.1

  • HTTP 1.1

  • HTTP Basic Access Authentication

  • Updatable Authorization header per request


  • IPv4 and IPv6

The mustUnderstand attribute is only supported in Web Service Security headers. 

To enable Web Service transactions in :

  1. Define a Web Service (WS) profile or profiles.
  2. Include the Web Service agents and their configurations in a workflow.

There are two Web Service agents that you can include in real-time workflows in the workflow configuration dialog:

  • The Web Service collection agent: The Web Service Provider

  • The Web Service processing agent: The Web Service Requester


The reader of this information should be familiar with:

  • Web Services

  • WSDL

The section contains the following sub-sections: