Diameter Request Agent(3.0)

By including both the Diameter Stack and the Diameter Request agents in a workflow you enable  to act as a Diameter client.

You apply a Diameter Request agent to your workflow in order to transmit requests from the workflow.

Diameter Request Agent Configuration

The Diameter Request Agent configuration allows you to select the diameter stack that it should be listening to.


Associated Diameter Stack

From the drop-down list that includes all the Diameter Stack agents in the workflow, select the Diameter Stack that you want requests to be sent from.

Transaction Behavior

Input/Output Data

The input/output data is the type of data that an agent expects and delivers.

The agent emits and receives UDRs of the type RequestCycleUDR.


The agent does not publish nor access any MIM parameters.

Agent Events

Agent Message Events

There are no agent message events for this agent.

Debug Events

There are no debug events for this agent.