This section describes the Analysis agent. This is a processing agent for batch and real-time workflow configurations.

The Analysis agent is used to process UDRs and, for example, to generate audit data and dispatch events in the system using the Analysis Programming Language (APL). The Analysis agent, depending on the APL code that you configure, can either be a pure processing agent with the ability to examine, alter, and route each UDR routed to the agent, or it can be the final destination for a UDR in the workflow.

UDR types entering an Analysis agent are referred to as  input  types, while UDR types leaving the agent are referred to as  output  types. The input types must be specified, while the output types are calculated from the input types and the APL code that you enter in the agent configuration.

See the APL Reference Guide(3.0) for descriptions of the Analysis Programming Language, APL, and the available functions.

The configuration dialog for the Analysis agent differs depending on if you are creating a batch or real-time workflow. 

This section contains the following subsections: