EC Group - WUI (3.0)

This page describes the EC Group Web Interface which will only allow you to:

  • Create EC Group
  • Edit any existing EC Group's names or color
  • Remove EC Groups

For information about what EC Group is all about and how it works, you can refer to EC Groups(3.0).

You will be able to also search for a specific EC Group or Groups as well as sort the EC Group by Name in ascending or descending order.

Creating an EC Group

To create an EC Group, click on the icon. This will display the New Group window where you will then enter the EC Group name as well as assign it to a color. You can use any Hex color code to assign any color of your choice to the EC Group.

Editing an EC Group

To edit an EC Group, click on the icon . This will display the Existing Group window where you will then be able to modify the EC Group name or color. You may also use hex color code to change the assigned color.

Removing an EC Group

To remove an EC Group, click on the icon, you will be prompted with a message to confirm your action. Clicking on OK will remove the EC Group from the list.