Workflow Group Web Interface(3.0)

The workflow group web interface will function much like the workflow group on the  Desktop. You will manage both dynamic and static workflows and add them into groups which can consist of one or several workflows, or Workflow Group members. Each workflow group will come with a diverse setup of scheduling, load balance, and event triggers.


Event triggers for Workflow Groups are managed using Workflow Group on the  desktop.

The main dashboard for the workflow group web interface will display all the workflow groups that exist in . You will be able to Filter the workflow groups by Name, Mode or Type.

From the dashboard, you can Create, Duplicate , Delete, Edit, View, Enable or Disable the workflow groups listed.

Adding a new Workflow Group

Clicking on will open the Create a workflow group dialog where you will go through steps to add and configure a workflow group with a schedule and execution settings.

Viewing a Workflow Group

Clicking on shows you a detailed view of the workflow group and its members. From here, you can filter the workflow group members by their name, Edit the workflow group or refresh the list. A summary of the schedule for the workflow group will also be displayed at the very top of the page.

More Action Options

EditAllows you to make changes and updates to the workflow group. This includes adding new members, changing the scheduling or the execution options.
DuplicateCreates another copy of the selected workflow group and all of its configured settings.
DeleteRemoves the workflow group.
Enable/DisableSelect to enable/disable the workflow group. Enabling the workflow group in Workflow Groups will not enable the members within it, you will have to open the Detail View of the workflow group from the Execution Manager Web Interface(3.0) and enable them manually.