Workflow Template on the Web Interface(3.0)

The Workflow Template acts as a workflow viewer that allows you to view the design and the flow of the workflow selected from the Workflow Template Overview. You will be able to zoom in and zoom out on the template as well reset the zoom level to the default view.

Below the workflow template, you will see a workflow table. Much like the one found on the  Desktop, this table allows you to add a workflow and configure its properties.

Example of 2 workflows in a workflow template.

The four leftmost columns of the table will display the workflow meta data such as the name of the workflow, the execution state, activation mode and the username of the workflow creator.

Clicking on will show all customizable settings that were imported from the Workflow Table tab in the Workflow Properties dialog.

Clicking on will execute the workflow, it is only possible for Dynamic workflows.

Adding a new workflow

Clicking on will open the Add new workflow dialog where you can then add one workflow into the workflow table. From the dialog, you will be able to configure the following:

Workflow NameThe name of the workflow. This name cannot be changed when editing the workflow after adding it into the workflow table.
ECEnter the name of the EC that will run this workflow. This field can be left empty if you want the workflow to run with any EC available.
Activation ModeYou can enable or disable the workflow with this value. Having activation mode set to enabled allows the workflow to be started and executed automatically by the Workflow Group or by the EC Deployment.
Additional Properties

Additional properties can be available for configuration depending on the settings made in the Workflow Properties dialog, in the Workflow Table tab in the  Desktop. You can find out more about setting the Workflow Table from Workflow Table(3.0). The properties will only be available to configure in the web interface once the settings made in the Workflow Table tab is saved on the workflow template in the  Desktop.

More Action Options

MonitorThis opens the workflow monitor in the web interface, allowing you to execute and debug the workflow. This action is only selectable for workflows.
DuplicateThis enables you to create an exact copy of the workflow your are duplicating from. You will be able to name the duplicated workflow. This action is only selectable for workflows.

This opens the Editing workflow dialog where you are presented with the same options as when you were adding the workflow. The only property you will not be able to edit is the workflow name. This action is only selectable for workflows.

Edit Sequence NumberThis opens the Editing Sequence Number dialog where you are presented the workflows sequence number fields and have the possibility to change them. This action is only visible for Batch workflows and is only selectable if the template has an agent with Sequence Number enabled.
DeleteThis will delete the workflow. This action is only selectable for workflows.