Inter Workflow(3.0)

This section describes the Inter Workflow agent. There are two types of Inter Workflow Forwarding agents:

  • Inter Workflow Collection Agent
  • Inter Workflow Forwarding Agent

The Inter Workflow agents allow files to be distributed between workflows within the same  system. It is especially useful when transferring data from real-time workflows to batch workflows.

The Inter Workflow agents use an Inter Workflow storage server to manage the actual data storage. The storage server can either run on an EC/ or on the Platform. The storage server and base directory to use is configured in an Inter Workflow profile.

The Inter Workflow agents distribute files from one workflow to another

Several forwarding workflows may be configured to distribute batches to the same profile, however only one collection workflow at a time can be activated to collect from it.

The Inter Workflow agents support IPv4 and IPv6 environments.

Inter Workflow Related UDR Type

The UDR type created by default in the Inter Workflow agent can be viewed in the UDR Internal Format Browser in the InterWorkflow folder. To open the browser, open an APL Editor, right-click on the text pad in the editing area and select  UDR Assistance... . The browser opens.

This section includes the following subsections: