Firebase UDRs(3.0)

The Firebase UDR types include the following UDRs;

  • FirebaseUDR
  • FirebaseErrorResult


When the Firebase agent receives a FirebaseUDR, it sends out a request with data to each device in the pushTokens list.

The following fields are included in the FirebaseUDR:

message (string)This field contains the text message to be sent.
pushTokens (list<string>)

This field contains a list of push tokens that the message request is to be sent to.

title (string)This field contains the title of the text message to be sent.

Example - Generated message from Body and Title fields


consume {    
	FirebaseUDR firebaseUDR = udrCreate(FirebaseUDR);
	firebaseUDR.title = "DigitalRoute";
	firebaseUDR.message ="Every bit counts.";
	list <string> myList = listCreate(string, "key","key");
	firebaseUDR.pushTokens= myList;


If the Firebase agent receives a response from Firebase that contains an error, this will be logged and a FireBaseErrorUDR will be sent back to the workflow.

The following fields are included in the FireBaseErrorUDR:

errorMessage (list<string>)This field contains the result code of the attempt to send a push notification; 0 - OK, 1 - Rejected, 2 - Timed out, or 3 - Error.
Message (string)

This field contains a descriptive text for each result code:

0 - Empty
1 - Message from Apple describing reason for rejection
2 - Timeout
3 - Content of any exception that has occurred

initialUDR (FirebaseUDR(Firebase))This field contains the original FirebaseUDR that the agent received.