Important Information

The following provides important information related to MediationZone 9.0:

Functionality Not Available

While the vast majority of features and agents that are available in MediationZone 8.3 are also available in MediationZone 9.0, not all agents and features are present.

The delta that exists, and we plan to address is:

Feature / AgentStatus
FTAM Siemens EWSD AgentPlanned for an upcoming release
FTAM Ericsson IOG AgentPlanned for an upcoming release
FTP Nokia NMSC AgentPlanned for an upcoming release
FTP Nokia DX200 AgentPlanned for an upcoming release
IPDR SP AgentPlanned for an upcoming release
LGU GTP' AgentPlanned for an upcoming release
Reference Data ManagementPlanned for an upcoming release
Distributed KPI ManagementPlanned for an upcoming release
Streaming Telemetry AgentPlanned for an upcoming release
MySQL Cluster support for Usage Management and PCCPlanned for an upcoming release

Standalone Execution Context replaced with Standalone Workflows

The PICO type ECSA (Execution Context - Standalone) has been replaced with a generic EC (Execution Context) in MediationZone 9.0. Standalone execution is instead controlled on a workflow level (workflow can execute either in "Normal" mode, or "Standalone" mode) and the generic EC can run both Normal and Standalone workflows.

ECSAs are upgraded to ECs, and the process to control workflow execution mode is described here: Execution Tab

Replaced and Sunset Functionality

Functionality that has been replaced with a functional equivalent or sunset from the product is described in the MediationZone 9.0 Product Catalog here: 12. APPENDIX - Changes from 8.3 Product Catalog

Some Functionality only Available in Legacy Desktop Client

Certain features have not yet made it into the new Desktop and are only available in the Legacy Desktop client. These are described in Legacy Desktop.

Special Handling When Upgrading

When upgrading to 9.0 you may need to adjust some of your configurations if you are using:

System Insight

System Insight is now using a Prometheus backend instead of InfuxDB.

In order to use the new version Prometheus needs to be installed, and workflows using the System Insight forwarding agent need to be updated to leverage the Prometheus forwarding agent instead.

Note that the System Insight collection agent is not replaced with a Prometheus Collection agent, as data can be retrieved directly in Prometheus instead.

Configuration Spaces

Configuration Spaces is replaced with the new Workflow Packages functionality. Prior to upgrading, make sure to export the configuration from inactive configuration spaces as only the active space is carried across during the upgrade process.

DTK Agents and plug-ins

If agents and/or plug-ins developed using DTK are present in the system to be upgraded, these must be:

  1. Removed from the system prior to upgrade
  2. Rebuilt using the MediationZone 9.0 DTK and Java 17
  3. The new, rebuilt, versions applied to the system after upgrade has finished

Full upgrade instructions are available here: Standard Upgrade Procedure

REST not Supported for Conditional Trace

In this new version of Conditional Trace, REST is not supported, configurations can be done in Desktop only.

New Delivery Procedure

MediationZone is now downloadable from GitHub, and apart from the license key that is delivered separately, the link to all release deliverables can be found in the MediationZone Release Information page.

Context-Sensitive Help and Offline Documentation in Browser Not Available

For this release, documentation is available in InfoZone and PDF format only.

Performance Degradation When Using Unsupported Oracle versions and Oracle JDBC drivers

As a result of our performance testing for MediationZone 9.0 and with using Oracle database, there are noticeable performance degradation when connecting to Oracle versions older than Oracle 19 and using Oracle JDBC drivers older than OJDBC 10. It is our recommendation that you use the latest supported Oracle versions and Oracle JDBC drivers when using MediationZone 9.0.

Removal of Interactive Mode in MZSH

The Interactive mode has been removed from mzsh in MediationZone