Known Issues

In MediationZone 9.0, there are the following known issues:

See for information about known issues that have been fixed since the release of

Installation issues

Unable to change platform database after installation

It is not possible to change platform database after the installation is completed which used to be a feature that available since 8.x. This feature will be available in release.

Platform installation doesn't prompt for new admin password when was set to true

When doing new platform installation, the installation process doesn't prompt for new admin password although the was set to true in the install.xml.

As a workaround, admin password can be changed from Access Controller when is required.

Installation isn't possible if MZ_HOME path contains a folder name with spaces

If the MZ_HOME path contains and spaces the installation will fail. Please ensure the MZ_HOME doesn't contain any spaces prior to installing.

Installation reported as successful even if the platform fails to start

In some circumstances during installation the installer may report as successful when the platform has not started.

Warning messages displayed during installation

When the user performs “ prepare”, a warning message “setSecurityManager will be removed in a future release" is displayed. This does not impact functionality of MZ 9 installation and will be handled in future versions of MZ.

Error Occurs When Performing Multiple Installations on a Host with Different UNIX User IDs

The /tmp/syslog/syslog-debug.log file is created when a host machine contains an MZ 9 installation. This file will be overwritten by any subsequent MZ 9 installations that are performed on the same host machine with a different UNIX user ID. However, the attempt to overwrite this file will fail and cause errors to the subsequent installations.

To solve this issue, modify the platform.xml file setting by using the mzsh topo open platform command. Edit the platform.xml file, and change the directory to use another directory using the following command: <property name="mz.syslog.debuglogfile.filedir" value="[the directory]"/>.

Latest Oracle JDBC Driver Versions not Supported

Latest Oracle JDBC drivers such as version 21c and 23c are not supported in this release. Ensure to check the for information about supported Oracle version.

Upgrade issues

Legacy Desktop launcher does not launch desktop when is changed during upgrade

When the user with an existing installation has set to false when installation was performed. When upgrading to version 9.x, the upgrade will set the to true by default. This will result in an issue where one the upgrade is complete, the Legacy Desktop launcher will not launch the desktop and will instead have an error message say that it failed to retrieve binary data. If your existing installation was installed with set to false, ensure that the is set to false in the install.xml before performing the upgrade.

Filebase property issues (mz.userserver.filebased=true)

If mz.userserver.filebased=true, else if false then can ignore. When user upgrades from version 8.x to version 9.x, the access groups created in version 8.x are present but lack the execute/write permissions that were originally assigned.

To ensure a seamless upgrade process, it is imperative to export all the config prior to the upgrade and subsequently re-import it afterward. Failure to do so may result in the missing configuration data in the upgrade.

User Interface issues

New desktop issues

Database Agent Assignment Tab Value Are Not Cleared

When Value Type is set to "To UDR" or "NULL", the Value column are not cleared.

Database Agent MIM Browser Need To Click Twice To Close It

The MIM browser open from database agent, need to close it by hitting twice on cancel button or the X button to close it.

External Reference Profile Datalist Can Be Altered in Read-Only Mode

When certain procedures are made, it is possible to alter the data list found in the external reference profile while the read-only mode is used. This causes a system-wide DRRCPException to be thrown.

Login Web UI Will Go To Last Page That Last User Accessed 

When User A logs out from web UI, and User B logs in, it will automatically go to the page last accessed by User A.

Integer field validation can be broken

Inputting integer values outside of the expected range can break the validation in the UI.

Changing LDAP-agent settings on the Desktop messes up workflow in the Legacy Desktop

Creating workflows with the LDAP agent breaks down the routes when saved using the Desktop interface and opened with the Legacy Interface.

Type Assigned indication not shown in MIM browser

This can be viewed on the Legacy desktop if required.

New profile becomes read-only on save

When creating a new profile as soon as it is saved it becomes read-only. The user needs to click the edit button in order to continue editing.

Aggregation Inspector pagination fails on very large files

With particularly large files the Aggregation Inspector will not scroll through all results. Users will need to use the Legacy Desktop in these cases.

Idle timeout only warns the user once

Inactive users will be logged out after a configurable period, following a warning to that effect. If a user is active after the warning they won't be logged out, but if they are inactive again then they will be logged out with no warning. 

Cannot log in to multiple platforms

It is not currently possible to log in to multiple separate platforms using the new UI in one browser. Users can use different browsers, incognito modes, or the Legacy Desktop if this is required.

Null Pointer Exception when updating password with enhanced security enabled on the new desktop

When you install the Platform with the following properties set to true:



When logging in for the first time, a prompt to update the password will occur. When logging in for the first time on the new desktop, attempting to update the password will lead to a Null Pointer Exception. It is recommended to log onto the legacy desktop first to update the password for the account first before logging into the new desktop.

Accessibility Issues

The new web-native desktop aims to be fully accessible, but there are currently some outstanding issues regarding this. These include:

  • In some interfaces, the keyboard navigation doesn't follow the ideal order or convention

  • Some icons have unnecessary alt text

  • Some checkboxes are not correctly labelled

  • Failure messages, for example on failed login, don't have clear enough contrast

Code Editor Issues

The code editor in the new web-native desktop provides code completion and syntax highlighting there are some known issues with syntax highlighting not being correct, it is not possible to add tabs to code and code completion cannot be activated on a Mac if multiple keyboard layouts are enabled.

Code Completion Keyboard Shortcut Not Working When Using Built-in Mac Keyboard Layout Switcher

When attempting to use the code completion function in agents or profiles, for example, the Analysis agent, the built-in keyboard shortcut of Command + Space on a Mac computer will not trigger the code completion dialog box. 


Known differences between desktops

There are some known, minor issues with differences between the two desktops.

Legacy desktop issues

In the legacy desktop an exception can occur when first logging in to the platform. Re-trying the login fixes this and the exception does not reoccur.

Logging issues

When logging out of the legacy desktop desktop_current.log has unnecessary logs added.

Workflow packages are creating unnecessary logs in platform.log

Import/Export issues

When importing a workflow that runs on a specific EC group the workflow will not automatically be assigned to that group

This needs to be manually corrected.

Data Veracity issues

Data Veracity Repair jobs show on one line

When viewing the repair jobs in the new UI they are displayed on one line which is hard to read.

Operator '==' Is Not Supported For Data Veracity Search For BitSet Data Types

When using Data Veracity Search & Repair function, the exact match operator '==' is not supported for the bitset data type.

Data Veracity Search Filtering For Some Fields Are Case-Sensitive

The filtering for the source_node and message fields in the Data Veracity Search & Repair table are case-sensitive.

Data Veracity Filter's Full Query Is Not Available In Web Native UI

The full filter query for Data Veracity is not available for viewing in the web ui. A partial display of the query can be seen at the filter listing under Data Veracity > Filter listing.

Data Veracity Search & Repair Table Listing's Sorting Does Not Work

The sorting function for the Data Veracity Search & Repair table listing is not working.

Adding an Empty Query Group With a Parent Condition in Data Veracity Search & Repair Filter Will Result In An Error

Attempting to add an empty query group with a parent condition will cause an error to be thrown upon clicking OK. A sample of the query setup is shown below.

Importing Old Data Veracity Collection Agent Workflow Configurations Returned Validation Errors

If you have an old Data Veracity Collection Agent Workflow configuration from version 8.x, it is possible that validation errors about invalid Analysis Agents may occur.

Example error during import:

The following agents returned validation errors.

is_1 is invalid.
The UDR type DataVeracityUDR (DataVeracity) doesn't exist

Example error when viewing the invalid workflow Analysis Agent configuration:

Error: Failed to set UDR Types
Message: Unable to create UDR type description from DataVeracityUDR (DataVeracity).

To resolve this, you will need to re-add the Data Veracity UDR for Analysis Agent input UDR Types or use the Set To

Input button if applicable. After adding the appropriate Analysis UDR Types, save the workflow configuration.

Data Veracity Filter Query Column Displays ID With Decimal

In the Data Veracity Filter page, when we have a filter that is saved with an ID field, a decimal value will be displayed in the filter result list Query column.

Example: ID > 2.0

Data Veracity Filter Are Not Refresh Automatically

The Filter page is not always the latest, after creating a new Filter from the Data Veracity Search page, you may need to click the Refresh button to view it.

User With Execute Only Permission Still Can Do Everything in Data Veracity Error Code/Approve Delete/Restricted Fields

Currently, the user's access group that has given Execute Only permission on the below settings in Access Controller can do everything on the mentioned page:

  • Data Veracity Error Code

  • Data Veracity Approve Delete

  • Data Veracity Restricted Fields

Data Veracity New Restricted Fields that was Used for an Existing Repair Rule Not Disabled

If setting a new restricted field that was used in a previously created Repair Rule, it is expected that the rule on the said field should gray out when viewing the saved Repair Rule and ignored when applying repair tasks. However, the rule on the said field still appears to be editable in the old Saved Repair Rule.

Other issues

Error Thrown When SAPCC Agent Not Added With Any Host

In the SAP CC Batch agent, do not add any host, click the Save As button, and you will find the error shown below: 

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "String.matches(String)" because "hosts" is null

Inappropriate Validation Handling On Workflow Group Scheduling

In Workflow Group Scheduling, when adding a duplicate execution day plan, it prompts the wrong validation message content and if the user continues to save, scheduling data will be wiped off.

Database Profile Validation Message

The Database Profile validation message did not explicitly mention which field cause the validation error.

Database Forwarding Agent Validation Message

In Database Forwarding Agent, when we have a field NULL/To UDR, the validation message that prompted is not properly describe the problem.

mzsh topo show pico-view doesn't show full information

The mzsh topo show pico-view doesn't show the pico names in the output. Picos can be viewed in the desktops

Installer accepts that the install command is executed even if the create command has not been executed

The installer doesn't fail with an appropriate message if the create command has not been executed prior to the install command being run. 

External References can be removed when a workflow is dependent on it

External references of the type Database Properties can be removed even if they are in use. Any workflows using these references will become invalid.

ClassCastException after re-import WF configuration table

Missing <Agent> - 5G <Field> Parameters in Workflow Table and Workflow Instance Table

The HTTP2_Server_1 - 5G - 5G Profile, HTTP2_Server_1 - 5G - Primary NRF Address, and HTTP2_Server_1 - 5G - Secondary NRF Addresses parameters in version 8.3.2.X are missing from the Workflow Table and workflow instance table when upgrading from version onwards to MediationZone 9.

The '<agent> - 5G - <field>' parameters in version 8.3.2.X

This is because the three parameters are classified under a different sub-category, the '5G Support' as HTTP2_Server_1 - 5G Support - 5G Profile, HTTP2_Server_1 - 5G Support - NRF Address, and HTTP2_Server_1 - 5G Support - Secondary NRF Address

The '<agent> - 5G Support - <field>' parameters in MediationZone 9

If the existing workflow contains these parameters from the older version, users are required to configure them under the new '5G Support' sub-category.

SAP CC Notification Agent TLS Feature Not Working

The fields in SAP CC Notification Agent Configuration for configuring TLS connection are, Enable Secured Connection, Keystore Path and Keystore Password. These fields should not be enabled and used for now as it will cause the agent to fail to connect to the SAP CC server.

Aggregation session profile locked when exiting Explore Session using ESC key in Aggregation Session Inspector

In Aggregation Session Inspector, existing or closing the Explore Session using the ESC key on the keyboard will cause the profile locked exception when attempting any further actions such as Deleting a row. It is advised to close the dialog using the Cancel or OK button instead. Workaround for this issue is to restart platform. A fix is expected to be available in release.