OSS Mediation

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Patrik Bruce

First version


OSS Mediation provides the Operational Support System (OSS) components of a CSP’s system landscape with the ability to ingest operational network data to derive insights into network health and subscriber experience. OSS Mediation is defined as a set of capabilities for 3G/4G/5G networks (GPRS/EPC/5GC), characterised by, and limited to:

  • Originating Data Sources
    • Operational data, events, and alarms received directly from network elements or probes
    • Operational data, events, and alarms received from Network Management Systems (NMS)
  • Output Data Targets
    • Network Performance Management systems
    • Analytics systems
    • Data warehouse and data lake systems

The data collected must have the sole purpose of being used for Operation Support Systems (OSS), in the sub-domains of Fault Management, Performance Management, Service Assurance (for example Customer Experience Management), Geo Location and Content Delivery Networks. Charging and monetisation purposes, among others, are excluded from this right to use.

This Right to Use (RTU) grants the licensee the right to use DigitalRoute’s software in accordance with this definition.