Customer Marketing Policy

News release

Within the first 60 days of the signed Agreement, the Customer agrees to participate in and review a written news release that highlights the impact and the benefit for the Customer. The news release must include quotes from representatives of both parties and published on either Parties’ websites and third-party channels. Both Parties must provide written consent before a news release is issued.

Company logos

After the Agreement is signed, the Customer agrees to have their company logo published on DigitalRoute’s website within the context of a customer reference.

Other use of company logos

Both Parties’ company logos may be used in public marketing and publicity materials, as long as it is within the context of a customer or vendor reference. The logos may not be used for purposes different than those covered by the Agreement, unless specific agreements are made between the Parties prior to use.

Customer reference

Once DigitalRoute’s solution is live with the Customer, within 90 days the Customer agrees to participate in and review a written customer reference that will be used on DigitalRoute’s website and in public marketing materials. Any significant changes to the customer reference must be approved in advance by the Customer before the updated reference can be used. DigitalRoute reserves the right to ask for a video-based testimonial.

Other customer references

The Customer agrees to act as a non-public reference for potential DigitalRoute customers, involving the Customer being contact by the potential customer for a 30-minute meeting.