Charging Function (CHF)

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Patrik Bruce

First version


Charging Function (CHF) is defined using the Charging architecture and principles outlined by 3GPP TS32.240 (Ref 1) as the baseline. It is constructed as a set of capabilities to facilitate charging for telecom network connectivity services delivered by the CSP using 5G stand-alone networks (5GC), characterized by, and limited to:

  • Interoperability with the 5G Service Based Architecture
    • The ability to define and terminate the Nchf interface, via reference points N28 (SMF <-> CHF) and N40 (PCF <-> CHF)
    • The ability to register as a CHF with the Network Repository Function (NRF) via the Nnrf API
  • Interoperability with Charging Domain components
    • Integration and call-flow orchestration between the CHF, Account Balance Management Function (ABMF), and Rating Function (RF) via a supported interface
    • Interoperability with the Charging Gateway Function (CGF) via a supported interface, in order to facilitate CDR generation and data flow to downstream Billing Domain (BD) systems
  • Commercial Models and purposes
    • Direct B2C connectivity 
    • Direct B2B connectivity
    • Telecom network inbound roaming
    • Telecom network outbound roaming

This Right to Use (RTU) grants the licensee the right to use DigitalRoute’s software in accordance with this definition.