DNS Lookup Function


Sends a lookup query to stated host and returns the result

drudr lookUpDNS 
	( string queryType, 
	  string queryString, 
	  string host, 
	  int port, 
	  int timeout, 
	  int retries )
queryType The query type to be used, e g NAPTR, AAA, CNAME, etc. For full list, see https://javadoc.io/static/dnsjava/dnsjava/3.3.1/org/xbill/DNS/Type.html.
queryStringThe string to be used in the query.
hostThe host that should be used for the lookup.
portThe port that should be used for the lookup.

The number of milliseconds to wait before timeout.


The number of retries you want to make before returning an error code and proceeding.

Returns A DNSResponseUDR containing the lookup result (list<DNSRecordUDRs>), status code (int) and error message (string)