Changing Database Password

Use the procedure below to change the password of the users mzadmin and mzowner in Oracle, PostgreSQL and SAP HANA databases.


A prerequisite for this to work properly is that the database is only used by the Platform and not by any configurations. 

  1. Disable all workflow groups, either from the Execution Manager in Desktop, or by using the mzsh wfdisable command.

  2. Let all batch workflows finish execution.


    Batch workflows containing Inter Workflow agents that do not have the Deactivate on Idle check box selected will have to be shutdown manually.

  3. Use the command mzsh topo get to list the jdbc parameters.

    $ mzsh topo get -s --format data-only topo://container:<mz.container>/pico:platform/

    Example - List of jdbc parameters

    mzsh topo get -s --format data-only topo://container:platform1/pico:platform/
      "password": "DR-4-48851644227183C2041D838568E117EC",
      "oracle": {
        "ons": ""
      "type": "oracle",
      "user": "mzadmin",
      "url": "jdbc:oracle:thin:@//<>:1521/MZ"
  4. Use the mzsh topo set command to update the password for mzadmin:

    $ mzsh topo set topo://container:<mz.container>/pico:platform/ `mzsh encryptpassword <new password>`

    Example - Updating mzadmin password

    $ mzsh topo set topo://container:platform1/pico:platform/ `mzsh encryptpassword mypassword`

  5. Shut down the platform using the mzsh shutdown command.

  6. Update the Oracle, PostgreSQL or SAP HANA passwords to correspond to the ones you set in the STR.

  7. Startup the Platform.

  8. Enable all workflow groups and start all workflows again.