System Properties

This section describes the system properties, a type of attribute, that you can set in the STR and in various configuration files.

The system properties that you can set in STR are divided into the following categories:

  • Cell properties - applicable on a system level
  • Container properties - applicable on a container level
  • Execution Context properties - applicable to ECs
  • Platform properties - applicable to the Platform instance
  • Service Context properties - applicable to SCs
  • High Availability properties - related to high availability
  • Log properties - related to logging
  • Database properties  - related to Oracle, PostgreSQL and SAP HANA connections, i.e. to database and external databases.
  • Desktop properties - default properties for connected Desktops 

The properties set in your system and in each container, after the initial installation, depend on the container type and the installation settings.

Properties that are not defined in the STR are set to their respective default values.

You can configure properties for services that should run on Pico instances, e g SCs. For further information about these properties, see Managing Service Configurations.

For general information about how to set attributes in the STR, see System Topology Registry and Managing Picos with Topo.