UI Builder - customize responsive web UIs

The UI Builder Agent enables users to create customized responsive web UIs, by using regular workflow configuration. Communication is handled with HTTP request/response cycles, and the UI is constructed using HTML. These UIs add huge flexibility; they give external users access to customized information without the need of using the regular product Desktop. Also, UIs can be tailor-made to complement deployment specifics. Currently, there are several ways of adding UIs to a deployment, where the UI Builder Agent offers most flexibility:

  • Development Toolkit (DTK) plug-ins; these are java extensions that require JDK and Java knowledge.

  • Workflows containing Analysis agents using HTTP functions in combination with HTML syntax. This requires HTML knowledge, and lot’s of APL code.

  • Workflows containing the UI Builder Agent; the HTTP communication and the UI components are built-in.

Examples of tailor-made UIs can be to view status of use case processing details, feed a deployment with parameters, perform tasks, etc. Below is an example of a UI that shows the contents of $MZHOME, with the possibility to view and download files.



The web UIs are restricted to users registered in the Usage Engine Access Controller with UI Builder Agent permissions.