Azure KeyVault (3.0)

The Azure KeyVault Profile is used for setting up the access credentials and properties to be used to connect to an Azure KeyVault environment. Currently, the profile can be used in the following Profiles:


The contents of the menus in the menu bar may change depending on which configuration type has been opened in the currently displayed tab. The Azure KeyVault Profile uses the standard menu items and buttons that are visible for all configurations.


External References

Select this menu item to enable the use of External References in the Azure KeyVault profile configuration. This can be used to configure the following fields:

Secret Key

  • Key Vault Name
  • Client ID
  • Tenant ID
  • Client Secret


  • Key Vault Name
  • Client ID
  • Tenant ID
  • Certificate Path
  • Certificate Password

For further information, see Using External Reference in Agent Profile Fields(3.0) and External Reference Profile.