External References (Parametrization)

External References enable loading Usage Engine with parameter values that originate from sources external to the workflow configuration: 

  • S3 Properties File. 
  • Environment Variable. 
  • Properties File. 
  • Properties Database. Note that these parameters and values are stored in the local Usage Engine database. 

This allows Usage Engine system administrators to have specific variables for development, test and production clusters that work for the same export. 

The example below shows a properties file containing mapping of values and variables that can be used in Usage Engine profiles, APL code and the workflow table. 

External Reference file example 

The image below depicts the External References Profile where properties files are selected and the variable names from the file are mapped to internal variable names. 

External Reference profile

The local key variables can then be mapped in the workflow instance table by activating External References in the relevant cells. 

Workflow table 

Workflow Tables can also be parameterized in the Execution Context Deployment YAML files.