CI/CD Test Framework

A Test Framework is a vital component of any CI/CD pipeline. Usage Engine has a built-in test framework, making it convenient for developers to create test cases in parallel to developing use cases. 

The tests are developed in Python and executed as Task Workflows. You can test workflows, or individual APL functions configured in the “APL Profile” UI. There is a rich set of supporting functions, for example:  

  • Initiating tests with test data using Arguments (if testing functions), or data files. 
  • You can also instantiate UDRs in the framework and populate with test values. 
  • Verification is done on return values (if testing functions), workflow states & events, and output files. 
  • The results are viewed directly in the Task Workflow UI as debug, or in files. 
  • You can also produce report files in a format that is readable by Jenkins. 

Note! The Test Framework is used internally at DigitalRoute for automatic Unit Testing of features.