Product Themes

DigitalRoute has been building technology for leveraging and managing different types of usage data related to business and operational processes for over 20 years. The drivers behind the creation of the Usage Engine, and the need for a new product, come from the shifting IT and deployment landscape born in the cloud native era. A fundamental change in product architecture and deployment mechanisms was required to bring a product to market that natively fits in private clouds and hyperscaler environments based on Kubernetes infrastructure. The product themes and underlying technology drivers that have resulted in this product are the following: 

Adapting Cloud-native Design Principles

  • Clear separation between application and infrastructure 
  • Elasticity: utilize the right resources at any given time 
  • Automated Life Cycle Management: Zero touch for all operations of a product’s life cycle (onboard, deploy, update, scale). 

Operational Framework

  • Using best of breed industry standards for non-core functions like logging and monitoring. We have used a “plug-and-play” approach to avoid being dependent on specific third parties. 
  • Replacing legacy functions with a modern generation of operational tools 

CI/CD Support to Ensure Quality and Repeatability

  • Introducing improved packaging (to make it fast and easy to move use cases between development, test, and production systems). 
  • New Test Framework to automate test suite execution 

Usability: Clear Separation Between Developer and Operation Personas 

  • Workflow creation and configuration use a dedicated Developer UI 
  • Operational tasks are performed in a brand-new operations Web-UI